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Jack and Jill

The Ultimate social dance competition!  You enter without a partner, couples are randomly paired, you get a random song to dance too.  There will be multipul rounds of competition for each division.

Country Swing and Progressive Two-Step Levels are:

Newcomer\Novice and Intermediate\Advanced. 

These divisions are open to all ages. Level entered is self-assessed.



Enter with your chosen partner, the music is picked randomly.

No Choreogrpahy allowed

Country Swing: Newcomer\Novice and Intermediate/Advanced


Line Dance

The ultimate test of your line dance skills. You will dance two line dances that are pre determined.  You will show off your line dance skills and knowledge to the audience.  


Line dance: The Wolf

Download Step Sheet Here


Line Dance: Them Boots

Download Step Sheet Here

Competition Prices

Country Swing Jack and Jill - $15

Two-Step Jack and Jill - $15

Line Dance - $15

All American (West Cost Swing) -$15

Country Swing Strictly $35 (covers both people)

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